Collaborate remotely without feeling remote provides structure to your discussion that helps you make trusted decisions faster, anytime anywhere.

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Build frictionless digital advisory boards and make trusted decisions on a transparent and inclusive platform.


Ask your advisory board a question to get started with a new discussion.


Give your customers/partners a voice. Let them share their knowledge, data, and experience.


Add opinions to the discussion and get valuable and critical feedback.


Analyze and make trusted decisions guided by our unique Al and scoring mechanism.


Give customers/partners instant transparency into your decision making process.


Ask a question to start a new discussion.


Make an impact by sharing your knowledge and data.


Add your feedback to the discussion. Agree, disagree, upvote, downvote, and impact the score of other answers.


Close the discussion. Our unique AI and scoring mechanism will guide you.


Deep dive into our analytics about your discussions, team’s activity, and individual’s cognitive maps.

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Using on Microsoft Teams works where you work offers seamless integration with the tools you already use to make it simple to get up and running. Start making trusted decisions right on your instant messaging channels, and get set for more integrations coming soon…

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