is a revolutionary discussion platform that brings innovation right to the heart of learning.

Designed to inspire participation, is a simple-to-use, transparent learning platform that transforms hybrid or classrooms – adding depth to learning and giving every student an equal chance to excel.

Its AI-based discussion software allows educators to facilitate with ease, assess performance with accuracy – and save time – while encouraging students to improve their dialectical skills and rediscover the excitement of active learning.

Continuously updating team metrics – by group and individual – measure level of understanding and help educators align the class.  Individual cognitive maps allow students to view their own profile and improve their performance. eliminates the technical limitations, and helps every student to be heard.  

Our Leaders

Joab Rosenberg

Founder & CEO

Joab brings 25 years of experience in analytics and data science spanning government, academia and the private sector. Joab is a retired colonel, former deputy head analyst for the Israeli government and former head of the prestigious Talpiot program. He is a PhD candidate in philosophy at Cambridge.

Tzvika Katzenelson

Co-Founder & CRO

Tzvika brings 15 years of experience building and scaling client relationships, engagements and revenue in fast-growing analytics firms serving  Fortune 500 companies. He holds a BSc in bioinformatics and an Executive MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Zohar Guy

Zohar Guy


Zohar brings 20 years of experience developing cutting-edge technology products, building and scaling engineering teams in companies from startup to enterprise. He holds a BSc in computer science and biology and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. in the community

At, we’re always looking for ways to help others in the community.  Working alongside Helpi – a micro-volunteering online platform – we’re giving much-needed assistance and advice to local organizations.  To find out more about some of these exciting partnerships, and to see staff in action, please click here.

Our Locations


63 Rothschild Blv.


837 long ridge road
Oakland CA 94610

Our Investors​

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