Announcing app for Microsoft Teams

Here at, we thrive on helping teams collaborate more efficiently so they can make faster and more trusted decisions.

We are pleased to announce that’s app for Microsoft Teams is empowering users of Teams to make faster, transparent and reliable decisions. With, users are able to collaborate with their team directly with Teams, by structuring discussions to make trusted decisions more efficiently. There’s no longer a need to leave Teams and take discussions to the side.

It’s no secret that business meetings can take up too much time and they lack efficiency. No matter how pressing the matter, not all voices are heard, which means that the best decisions aren’t always made.

With the integration for Teams, team members can finally collaborate on strategic issues without the need for live meetings or even conference calls. acts as a designated digital meeting room on top of Teams, and provides a simple and flexible structure to discussions that facilitates all voices being heard, thereby enabling leaders to make trusted decisions faster.

On a more granular level- it all starts with a question. Team members suggest possible answers and can publicly debate the pros and cons of each suggestion. On the backend,’s AI helps score the answers (based on expertise level) and organize the discussion accordingly. The poster of the question can mark their final decision and provide the rest of the team with full transparency as to what influenced the final decision.

It’s a true honor to help bring real structure to team communication and collaboration. Gone are the days of fragmented email threads, cluttered chats, and needless (endless) business meetings that lack real substance. is bringing about deeper discussions for more efficient collaborative thinking, so team members can better use their time to focus on the tasks that matter most to them.


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