Rethinking Pedagogy in Learning Strategies: A CIO’s Guide to Student Success

In our latest guide, Rethinking Pedagogy in Learning Strategies: A CIO’s Guide to Student Success, written with CIOs, instructional designers and university innovators in mind, we share how new tools and technologies can help innovate teaching techniques. Meanwhile, new learning strategies can inform how we use these platforms. In this white paper, you’ll discover how technology is helping us rethink pedagogy. 

You’ll first explore the new role of the Chief Information Officer and how we can capture this shift by revisiting how we measure success. Then, delve into how you can leverage new technologies to set students up for success. While learning management systems (LMSs) are essential, they also have shortcomings. Discover why CIOs must go beyond LMSs and the 5 technologies they should use to support the modern online classroom.

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This white paper will give you new insights and help you rethink pedagogy to innovate learning strategies and support a new generation of students in your institution.


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