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Connect and Slack was recently listed as one of the “new and noteworthy apps” inside Slack. Our Slack decision bot is one of the best apps for Slack which was also the reason for Slack to invest in our company.

Slack is a collaboration tool where you and your teammates can communicate, share ideas and use powerful apps. Originally set up as a messaging tool, Slack’s applications have far outstripped this functionality. Slack’s functionalities include direct-messaging, notifications and alerts, a way to share documents, group chats and search capabilities.

Furthermore, Slack enables integration with a huge selection of third-party products and services, which include Google Drive and Dropbox amongst many others. Slack is favored by software developers and tech companies as it enables the use of source code snippets and it keeps the formatting for various programming languages. Being a communication tool, Slack is predominantly a real time tool, and it is synchronous in the sense of “first in first out” principle.

Meanwhile is asynchronous to Slack bot that is designed for Truth, i.e. for the difficult questions and decisions that require some time to is for teams that want to make credible business decisions, based on inclusive evidence-based discussions in a more effective and convenient, like Slack, can be considered a collaboration tool, but in a structured way that allows our AI algorithms to analyse the discussion and decisions, as a decision-making platform that merges your team’s viewpoints and insights. One can think of it as Slack automation for decision making processes. It uses powerful AI to moderate your teams’  discussions, and highlights areas of agreement between your team’s answers, which in turn allows the decision maker to point to the most trusted decisions and most trusted participants on each topic.

What becomes clear here is that Slack and can work symbiotically together. Where Slack is for real time communication and bringing people together for conversations, is for saving time in making hard decisions at work. It takes the state of a conversation and then incorporates smart AI sourcing, in order to score the level of confidence of each of the possible alternatives and help the user make powerful decisions in a fraction of the time.

How Does Compliment Slack?

  • By giving users access to as much knowledge as they need, to make informed decisions. In Slack rooms, raising the amount of participants may cause clutter and effects of TL;DR.
  • Through the unique combination of broad expert views and evidence-based discussion, which hastens a reliable and responsible decision-making process, thus saving time and money to the organization.
  • By harnessing the power of AI, and using it to process and score human insights to get discussions going, without the need for endless meetings.
  • By helping to propel and drive growth in businesses across an unlimited variety of industries.

All of this can be achieved directly through the Slack bot, without the user needing to add another tool to their ever-increasing list of productivity tools., the Slack Decision Bot will enable you to make your final decision directly through the Slack app. You can make as many decisions as you like and create as many discussions as you need. Discussions can be started by anyone in the team that uses the for Slack app and the person that makes the final decision is the person who created the question in the first place – with the help of the Slack decision bot.

So here’s how you can use Slack as a decision-making platform through the app.

1.Users will add the app to Slack

First you must install and add it to your Slack. Once you are in the Slack app directory you can search for the app. From here you can click on Install. The process takes less than a minute and installation is immediate. Note that the installation does require an admin authorisation within your Slack work space.

Once you have added it you will find it at the bottom of your channels under Apps.

2. Individuals ask a business question allows users to ask all kinds of questions to their team.


  • How do we “win” 2019?
  • What did we learn from the customers we lost in the last 30 days?
  • What is our biggest challenge for our company in the next Quarter?

Should we prioritize feature A over feature B in our product?

3. The discussion kicks off

The discussion takes place with all of the relevant voices giving their insights, data, and opinions. The participants can add supporting documents, data sets or links and choose to agree or disagree with certain opinions. It is not a simple polling app since the users are asked to explain WHY do they agree or disagree, therefore a graph of arguments and counter arguments (a “mind map”) is being built on a graph knowledge base. Unlike a usual Slack communication, with the decisions bot the discussion is structured and stored on a unique graph database where scoring and other algorithms are following and processing the discussion to point to the most trusted decision.

4. AI kicks in, to moderate and focus the conversation

From here AI moderates the discussion, identifying and scoring the most reliable answers, based on smart pattern recognition of patterns of agreement and disagreement amongst the participants. It implements algorithms that are based on “Bayesian Epistemology” to decide the level of confidence assigned to each alternative. and pushing them up in the conversation in order to focus the leading responses. also analyses the expertise level of each of the participants over time, and the collaboration level within the team.

5. The discussion starter/question owner can make a credible decision based on supported data and insight back inside the platform

From there the humans take over, making the most trusted decisions, fast, back inside the decision making platform, based on the analytics collated from the discussion.

Here’s the way you can use Slack to interact with Ment:

  • Start a new discussion – Use /Ment-ask to open a new discussion in your public channels. Example: How can we increase retention?
  • Conduct a moderated discussion – Engage with your colleagues, add answers, vote and agree or disagree using the embedded bot buttons.
  • View discussion analytics – Get a snapshot of your colleagues viewpoints..
  • Monitor & discover – use  /Ment-discussions from any channel to populate all live discussions in the #Ment channel.
  • Make a decision – go to at any time for the full picture. View the top answers and check out analytics. The bot summarizes a huge long thread so the main points are easy to see.
  • Need help? – use /Ment-help to get guidance whenever you need it.
  • Notifications – Get notifications for new questions, answers, comments and @mentions directly on your #Ment channel

If at any point you would like to see the full discussion you can simply visit directly from your Slack channel by clicking on “View full discussion in”.

You can agree or disagree with any of the participants of the discussion, ask them to clarify or check out the analytics, to see how the discussion is performing in terms of responses.

If you are not ready to make a decision by the question’s expiry date you have the option to push the decision, which keeps the discussion going and buys you more time.

Augmented Intelligence

AI Sourcing for is where the product really comes into its own. The best products on the market today use a collaboration between both the human mind and the smart robots, where each plays to its own advantages. In this case it is a bot that takes all of the human thoughts and viewpoints plus data and shuffles it up, reorganising it into a moderated and well thought out structure. What was once a linear discussion then becomes a restructured discussion where areas of cohesion sit close to each other and areas of controversy are highlighted. The AI takes the opinions of the participants, e.g. their agreement or disagreement to put each answer into a camp. After this is done, the AI has no involvement in making the actual decision. This is a strength of the human, who can look at the discussion, think about the analytics and consider other factors of how the decision will impact the company, that the robot may not. analytics are responsible for determining the score of each contribution and therefore helping the question owner determine the most credible decision after each discussion is complete. The scoring engine is the algorithm which organises the discussion and thus gives the user the ability to visually identify the strongest outcomes or areas of cohesion from the discussion. The score works on a smart peer review and also on data analytics. It is based on both the discussion structure and also on similar discussions that have been held in the past, plus on the credibility of each participant and each business unit and department based on their past answers and domain expertise and the strength of the responses they get from their peers. Furthermore,  is the only software that is capable of identifying psychological biases, such as group think, alert the managers and compensate for them in the scoring mechanism.Every discussion held on is kept in a graph database and then the Bayesian and Machine learning algorithms will finally decide the score. Analysis on usual or repeat behavior of differing departments is also factored into the algorithm.


There are thousands of apps that integrate seamlessly with Slack in order to enhance the users’ experience, without them having to leave the Slack interface. Some of the best apps for Slack are those that increase productivity and certainly for a business, those that can help to increase revenue and propel the business forward. There are apps for conducting polls for Slack, apps for identifying bugs in code and even storage tools. These kind of apps certainly save the user time, as they can continue to work directly from inside Slack. As we all know time is money. However, as far as we are concerned an app that can literally save time by helping a team or company make many more powerful decisions in a quicker time frame must be a great thing.

For one, good decisions in business correlate directly to enhanced revenue and for two, having an app that is a decision-making platform where teams can save potentially hours on conducting meetings with no clear objectives or action plans is golden. A way to come to decisions with your team, without ever having to leave your desk, without having to engage in long snake like threads or conversations conducted through Slack, where reaching a decision is really hard and certainly time-consuming.

It is perhaps for all these reasons that was featured as a ‘new and noteworthy app’ for Slack in the Slack directory.


If you are using Slack then you should certainly be using for Slack as one of your preferred tools. No matter how many teams in your company, or how many people in those teams, is an excellent way to keep the company aligned on decisions both big and small. Bear in mind, you do not have to include everyone in all decisions, that is up to you to decide. You can also invite other relevant parties at any time you like or take suggestions from the decision bot about who you should consider including in the discussion. is more than just a collaboration tool: it is a way to save time through bringing key stakeholders together, by cutting down on endless meetings and convoluted email or Slack threads. It is a way to create and keep the decision-making culture transparent, well-defined and inclusive throughout the entire company – where the left hand knows the decisions the right hand is making. for Slack allows you to raise a question with your team and to get a discussion started, it allows people to use supporting references and to agree or disagree with their teammates. Then the AI will take the temperature of the discussion, using all provided data and insights and signpost the way to the most credible decisions. seamlessly integrates with Slack, to get users up and running in their existing workspace in moments.

Simply create your account and download the add on for Slack now.




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