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Education works best when open communication is encouraged and actively rewarded. Be it in the classroom, or amongst your peers, collaboration is the key for driving new and valuable ideas forward. enables open discussions. Through AI it analyzes and scores your responses. It allows educators and academics to gather critical feedback and insights. is used by some of the world’s most prominent educational institutions, and ensures everyone has a voice.

Academia and Education

Participation graph

Get insights about the activity in your team on See how active your team is over time, how many questions are asked, etc.

Thought distance

Learn more about your team and who thinks similarly to you. Uncover group thinks and who adds different and controversial opinions in your discussions. The closer a person is to you on the graph, the more you think alike and tend to agree and/or disagree about the same things.

Highlights tab

See the highlights for each discussion. Easily navigate the top activities in the discussion to see top answers, debatable comments, and insightful tags. 

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