for Digital Advisory Boards

The easy-to-use platform to listen to the voice of
your customers at scale

Customer Advisory Boards are incredibly valuable, giving you critical insights from your most important users. But they can also be very expensive, time consuming, and travel intensive. allows you to build instant and accessible advisory boards for customers all over the world, enabling you to learn from your customers, and make the right decisions, every time.

Customer Advisory Board


Through our AI and machine learning you are able to analyze your discussion with your partners. Analytics will break down the feedback and input for you. Understand which industries, geos, and segments of your customers support or disagree with each discussion.

Activity Log

Track the discussion and be alerted when new comments and answers are added. Easily see a recap of the recent activity.

Admin Page

Admins can define each users segmentation based on customized fields such as industry, company size, geo, etc.

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