– Make Decisions, Not Meetings

Replace long, time consuming and cumbersome meetings with a digital platform
focused on making team-wide decisions

Everyone hates meetings, but they’ve been a critical part of corporate life. They’re often the only way to understand what everyone is thinking, and to get buy in from all decision makers and stakeholders. Until now. enables open conversations and discussions, and helps team leaders make the right decision, with absolute transparency and clarity for everyone that needs it.


Start a Discussion from your Calendar

Save time and start a virtual discussion before a meeting even starts. Top answers will be scored and marked for you reduce meetings.

Recap | Decision

Based on the unique AI and scoring you will be able to see the top answers in each discussion. Choose the top answer/s and recap the discussion. Allow your team to see what was decided and why it was decided.


Get insights into who has seen your questions, answers and comments. Know who hasn’t had a chance to read your posts and get them involved.

Get started before your next decision

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