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Great teams thrive on good communication and synergy.  By generating rich debate – and tapping into shared insights. strengthens collaboration and gives leaders a wealth of fresh perspectives.


Find out how can help you solve business problems with full transparency and clarity, by bringing every voice into the discussion.

Team collaboration

Anonymous Mode

Allowing team members to post anonymously enables you to open the discussion to everyone – no matter their seniority – and add a full range of expertise to the debate.


Our unique scoring mechanism organizes your discussion into easy-to-view threads. AI-driven algorithms scan debate patterns, arguments and counter-arguments, structuring the discussion based on logic and evidence (free of psychological bias).

Team Collaboration helps leaders make better decisions – fast – by bringing fresh perspectives to every problem-solving debate.  Discussion results, clearly visualized and easy to scroll through, are combined with sophisticated scoring algorithms to ensure full transparency and allow all voices to be heard.

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