Asynchronous Discussions to Engage Students

Tim P. McMahon, P.hD,  is a lifelong learner and for more than a decade has focused on the challenges of higher education, learning and productivity. After a successful career culminating as CMO for a Fortune 100 company, he returned to higher education and earned a MA from Seton Hall University and a PhD from Gonzaga University. He has also served in key leadership positions leading learning initiatives, advancing experiential learning, and in serving as a senior officer in administration. In recent years he has been an invited lecturer at universities i.n China and India.

In This webinar, Dr. McMahon, from Creighton University’s Heider School of Business, is discussing how asynchronous discussions can be adopted to your students learning style and your own teaching style, in order to increase their learning and engagement.

Tim McMahon, P.hD – Creighton University’s Heider School of Business
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