Here’s how to fix your broken customer feedback process

Customer feedback is the secret to developing a product that answers your customers’ deepest needs. This isn’t news to any business, whether B2B or B2C. The burning question is what on earth you can do about it? If you don’t have the right feedback, it’s probably not for lack of trying. Maybe something’s missing from your vital toolbox – or perhaps something crucial is broken in the heart of your customer feedback cycle. 


Why are you struggling with client communication?

If you’re struggling to communicate successfully with your clients, you’re not the only one. You already have plenty of channels of communication, and your clients don’t have trouble finding them. They’re quick enough to get in touch with a complaint or a question about how to use a certain feature. You also aren’t shy about asking for feedback, so your customers aren’t waiting for an invitation to speak up. What’s going wrong?

You need to take a deeper look at your entire customer feedback system because there’s something that’s tripping you up. Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • You have product reviews, surveys, and call your customers, but lack in-depth customer input about specific features. 
  • The feedback is scattered across so many channels that you can’t keep track, and you’re sure that you’ll miss something important 
  • There’s so much white noise, you’ve given up searching for the few useful responses hidden within it.
  • You’re nervous that one of your competitors will steal your ideas if you publicly ask for input about potential product changes. 

Many companies try to get around these challenges by inviting customers to join Customer Advisory Boards, or CABs. These have their advantages, but they don’t meet all your customer feedback needs. CABs are rarely diverse enough and still neglect over 95% of your customer base, plus it’s difficult and expensive to convene them whenever you have another question. That’s why CABs tend to convene a maximum of three times a year.

How you (and can improve your customer feedback

Here’s your dream customer feedback scenario: a single, secure platform that lets you tap into the combined wisdom of all your valued customers at the same time, so they can interact with each other as well as with you. It helps you reach beyond your PoC at every client company, in order to hear all the ways that people are using your product.

That’s where comes in. It plugs into every channel and platform so you can interact with customers wherever they are, but still access every customer response in a single place, no matter where it originated. No more juggling multiple channels and hoping that none of them fall. helps you gather, organize, and analyze customer feedback through 5 key capabilities.


  1. An opportunity to ask better questions and get deeper answers 

Use to delve into strategic questions that go deeper than simple reviews and ratings. Explore issues of product development that you won’t find on a review site or on social media. 

  1. A more diverse set of responses

Consulting with a diverse group of users allows you to benefit from all their interactions and responses to each other, as well as from each individual’s suggestions. enables you to reach beyond your CAB to combine the depth of a face to face conversation with the crowd wisdom of social media. 

  1. The ability to cut through the noise’s AI solution ranks feedback in order of value, saving time by cutting straight to the most useful responses. traces the threads of different opinions to help you follow the coalescence of general consensus, without getting distracted by off-topic comments.

  1. Transparency for product development’s AI-powered discussion threads and rankings bring your customers inside your product development process, where they can help build a roadmap and advance the features and capabilities that they need. You’ll be more responsive to customer opinion, making your customers more loyal as they see you as a partner, not just a vendor. 

  1. A secure platform for feedback provides a secure, gated forum that serves as a virtual CAB. You can gather your most valued CAB members to share their insights without worrying that your competitors will eavesdrop on your new ideas, and without the expense and intrusion of physical travel. helps you gather customer feedback better

Listening to the voice of the customer is vital for every business, but right now it’s just not working. helps you to tap into a broader range of client feedback on a secure platform, where you can ask the strategic questions you really want answered without getting lost in a rush of replies. With, you can keep track of every client response, organize cross-channel communication, bring your customers into your product development process, and find the most valuable responses quickly and easily to power better, faster decision-making. By turning your customers into your most valued advisors, you’ll transform your relationship from that of a vendor to that of a partner. 

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